Park Hound App

Mobile app design Park Hound - Dog park locator

Project overview The challenge

As a dog owner when I’m out and about with my pooch, I sometimes feel that a walk around the block is not enough and I want to be able to find a dog park easily without having to go through search engine results, reviews and trying to find a suitable location for my dog to go off leash and run around to expend all that extra pent-up energy.

As a user I want to be able to go to a single source where I can see dog parks close to me, see user reviews, ratings and photos to help me make an informed decision where to take my dog for a run off leash.

The solution

Having looked at the problem statement and what services are available in the market I decided to put together a range of concepts to address the user needs. I began by brainstorming ideas of must have features to satisfy an MVP solution and incorporated that into a low fidelity wireframe to test with dog owners and see how they would respond and use the product.

I tested a few ideas and iterated a few concepts until we felt that our initial designs satisfied the user needs. Having tested an interactive wireframe prototype I was able to pick up issues early on and also gather feedback which opened up new ideas such to incorporate additional features such as having a share direction feature to allow for doggy playdates, weather updates as well as utilising Best Time app foot traffic API to determine how busy a particular park is, so as a dog owner you always know if your fur baby will have a friend to play with or if she’s an anti-social one you’ll know if she will have the park all to herself.

With the additional feedback and insight, I was able to put together a high-fidelity design prototype that incorporates all the MVP features along with additional ideas which is to be tested with potential users again and prepared for development.

Overtime during the life cycle of the product I will be adding extra features and iterating the design to constantly address any pain points that may arise and improve the user experience based on the user feedback via surveys and interviews.

Park Hound - Park locator screens

Responsibilities Task involved

  • Market research
  • User research
  • Technology research
  • Wireframing
  • User testing
  • Design prototype
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