PTI Architecture

Web development PTI Architecture

Project overview The challenge

One Day Design Group approached me to help with the PTI Architects website build. They came to me with the designs, and the requirements that it needed to be cut up and implemented within a content management system. It needed to be easy for the clients to update and manage themselves after handover. It also needed to work perfectly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The solution

The website was implemented using a content management system along with the Zurb foundation framework. I had to write and roll out the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to match the designs and functionalities shown in the design prototype that was approved and supplied.

I had to make sure that the website was responsive and that it matched the designs and original design intent. In some instances where the functionality was not possible or just didn’t seem right, I offered alternative design solutions to try and get as close as possible to what was expected of the design outcome.

Along with building it, I had to migrate all the case studies / projects from the old site and worked with the clients to gather the original renders and optimize them for web.

Overall, the build went smoothly and was a good collaborative process between myself, One Day Design Group and PTI Architects.

PTI Architecture

Responsibilities Task involved

  • Design cutup
  • HTML and CSS build
  • Write Javascript to help with layout and transitions
  • Content management system integration
  • Testing