Web and App Design Suffermate

Project overview The challenge

Being a long user of Strava (probably the most popular cycling app) there wasn’t a reliable way to track bicycle components, as in getting down to the details of drive train, tyres and wheel hubs.

There was a void and there was a need to create a centralised location to track equipment and activities.

The solution

Suffermate is designed to be a fitness companion app for Strava, where the user has a complete overview of their activities for the year, along with equipment tracking.

The companion app will be using Strava’s API v3 to integrate data and the activity feed to and from Strava, as well as allowing for activity tracking within the app.

In regards to equipment tracking, it will provide the athlete insights as to how much a drivetrain for example has covered in terms of distance over it’s lifespan, so as an athlete you will always know when it’s time for a bike service allowing for peak performance in any professional competition or friendly race.

Suffermate is still a work in progress and will be served as a responsive website as well as a native fitness app for both Android and iOS.

Suffermate Main Dashboard

Responsibilities Task involved

  • Creating personas
  • Market and technology research
  • Design ideation
  • Wireframing
  • Web design
  • Prototyping
  • User testing