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Project overview The challenge

Easy Signs approached me to re-design and re-develop their website using their existing CMS system. The old website was dated, hard to use and wasn’t responsive, meaning that if you were to try and order on a tablet or mobile device it would prove almost impossible.

The new website needed to be fresh and on brand, as well as being easy to use and accessible on all devices while keeping the current ecommerce data and CMS in place.

The solution

With the new design I had to make sure that it aligned with the brand. I broke up content where I could with the use of imagery and icons. I had to look at the existing structure and user flow and sort out any pain points and improve the user journey where I could.

I made a few changes on how the site worked and how products were displayed, giving thought to the user and making the ordering and check out process easier as well as easy to navigate particularly on tablet and mobile devices.

Product variations / options had to be thought out and the most popular options were displayed for the particular product page, so users can quickly and easily make an order. And if they can’t find the option they needed, a custom order variation option with live pricing guide is also available.

Since all company sales are processed through the website, it was vital that the website ordering flow and process was spot on and logically easy to follow.

Since re-launching the website in 2017, there has been a huge increase in online sales, and since then, daily and weekly records have been broken and the company has had to hire extra staff to keep up with order demands as well as increasing its factory size and equipment capabilities. Overall, it’s been a very successful transformation. Till this day the company continues to grow.

Easy Signs Homepage
Easy Signs Product Page

Responsibilities Task involved

  • Requirement gathering
  • Ideation workshop
  • Web Design
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • Web development