Kévin Estre Poster Series

Graphic Design Kevin Estre Hero Image

As a passionate motorsports enthusiast, especially of the GT3 enduro series, I desired to enhance my workspace with motor racing artwork. I was after a trio of racing-themed pieces that would work well together in my office space. Despite months of searching, I couldn’t find anything appealing, and if I did, it either wasn’t available for shipping to Australia or the shipping fees were ridiculously high, or it didn’t meet the A1 size specifications I desired.

Faced with this challenge, I decided to leverage my skills as an experienced graphic designer to create my own artwork and print it for personal use. This approach allowed me to craft a set featuring Kévin Estre’s iconic winning cars. The collection commemorates his triumphs at the 24 hours of Nurburgring, 24 hours of Spa, and the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans.

Initially, these prints were intended solely for my own enjoyment. However, after sharing them on social media and receiving numerous requests and positive comments, including acknowledgment from Kévin Estre himself, I am contemplating making them available on RedBubble so I can share with the rest of the motoring enthusiast community. Stay tuned for future updates on how you can get your hands on these prints and join in the celebration of these iconic victories.

Kevin Estre Pink Pig
Kevin Estre GPX Racing Team
Kevin Estre Grello - Manthey Racing

Responsibilities Task involved

  • Car livery research
  • Design
  • Deep etching
  • Typography
  • Setup print files
  • Dispatch for print
  • Framing